Here you will find incoherent musing and interesting projects I've endeavored on. I'll post updates on my wild drive to create some sort of career out of this thing that I love to do and I'll also post any updates I've made to the site in this section as well. If you see something that you find interesting, feel free to check it out.


2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition

Good news from the front lines. I mentioned a while ago that I was going to enter my novel, The Last Chronographer, into the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition for Florida writers. I went ahead and submitted it, and I recently got a letter saying that I made it to the finals. You know what that means? It means that on some level you like me. So wish me luck in the finals and thanks to everyone for their unwavering support. Oh, and to all those publishers and agents keeping tabs, check that out...huh...yeah.


Little Bit of Emo

Little story up. Bit depressing but it's the end that matters right?

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Short Story

I've posted one of my short stories in the "I did this" section. Head on over and give it a read if you like.

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Story and Art

I've added some recent artwork to the "I did this" section. Also, I'm thinking about posting one of my short stories on the site but would like to hear if anyone out there would actually like it posted. Hit me up on the "I Can Hear You" section or click the link below. If I get enough responses I'll post the story on the site. It'll also just be nice to hear from you all.

I related news, I've entered The Last Chronographer into the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition under the Fantasy Unpublished category. So, cross your fingers everyone. Hopefully my story will be stranger than any other... that's what makes fantasy good right?


Final draft on its way.

Well, I’ve reached the final draft of my book. I’ve been writing it for a little over a year, so it is starting to feel like something complete. It’s weird to think...