The Last Chronographer

Temporary Cover This has been my labor and joy for the past year. Here is my best attempt at a brief, back cover synopsis:

Just behind our world lies another. This is the Plane of Gods, a place that shares our home, but not our ways. It is a land of strange creatures and the last resting place of magic.

Noah Lane is about to celebrate his 21st birthday in his pleasantly normal existence. That is, until he runs into a mysterious moon-eyed girl by the name of Luna who’s being pursued by a group of dangerous creatures that have had their hand in every major catastrophe since the dawn of man. Stuck on the other side of reality, Noah must stick by Luna’s side as she tries to finish the fight that they started. But in this world of danger and mystery, his greatest challenge might be overcoming what lies in himself.

I think that sounds about right. In the next few days I'll post a small excerpt from the book so you can see for yourself.

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