A Snippet from the Book

Hey all, here's a small taste of the book. It's just the Prologue, but at least it's someting right?


Wet socks make it harder to run. Splashes echo off the decayed concrete walls as the young girl patters through the creeping darkness of the tunnel.

All the while, he silently pursues her. He never quickens his pace; he limits himself to a meandering stroll yet never seems to lose ground. He moves effortlessly―the air pushing him forward, eager to rid itself of the unnatural presence. His black coattails slither behind him like two serpents writhing along in malevolent joy. His clothes remain spotless and pressed, even through the dripping, filthy tunnel. It's almost as if the surrounding murk knows better than to harass him.

The young girl presses on―blood turning her moldy socks a deep auburn. A glance back reveals her pursuer's toothy grin―like a cat eying a frightened mouse. Her shoulders droop with an unyielding weariness. It has been days since this chase began. Her muscles burn from running and her sides ache with hunger. She fights back the memories of that day―the fire and screams replaying endlessly in her mind. Everything she cares for has been lost.

She considers giving up―letting him take her. How easy it would be to just end this suffering now. A dim glow pours in from the streetlights ahead and it gives her the strength to push on.

She quietly prays that what she's doing is right, but it is too late for such thoughts. The course has been set―the chain of events is unfolding. She lowers her head and runs faster. Twisted laughter fills the stagnant air, reverberating off the walls and echoing in her mind.

Her time is running out.

Well, there ya go. I hope it's enought to at least get you interested. Keep watching for more updates.

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