Snow in the Summer!

It’s easy to get jaded by the myriad of gray dessert options out there. If I had a quarter for every self-serve yogurt shop I’ve seen pop up in the last few years I’d probably have enough cash to open up my own self-serve yogurt shop. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I was skeptical about a little snow cone shop in Tallahassee, FL by the name of Big Easy Snowballs.

By the power of Frosty’s carrot nose those are some good snow cones.

In a small New Orleans themed alcove dug out next to Bella Bella on North Monroe street you can have your pick of the crazy amount of auditors available. Not to mention you can get your cone INJECTED WITH YOGURT!

It’s crazy good. I had a dream sickle cone with cannula transfusion and my wife got a Chocolate Mint cone that was beyond fantastic.

If you have a chance and don’t feel like having the same old dessert, check out a unique take on an old favorite at Big Easy Snowballs.

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