Star Wars Babies to premier on Disney Channel in 2013…

Some worst case scenarios of the Disney/Lucas Films merger.

3DS NES Ambassador Quick Reviews

It’s a little late, but me and my pal Jesse wrote some quick comical reviews for Nintendo’s 3DS Ambassador NES titles.

Everything you need to know about a Trevor

Who is me? Maybe this.

They Might As Well Be Mad Libs

Why are all _________ (noun) exactly the same?!

Get Behind Me Winter

Winter is leaving the building which reminds me of why I love Tallahassee.

Merry Christaquanzica

A little ditty about Christmas time.

What isn’t Normal

When the normal is odd what do we do about all the normal stuff.

America’s Favorite Time Pass

Why does anyone watch Baseball? Is it the tight pants, the long sticks or all the white balls being thrown around?