The Lost Memory: Prologue

As promised, here is a sample chapter from the second book in the memories trilogy, The Lost Memory.

Star Wars Babies to premier on Disney Channel in 2013…

Some worst case scenarios of the Disney/Lucas Films merger.

Need Write More

I seriously need to get one here more. I really have no excuse. Hell, I can totally write these things from my iPhone. So I just watched The Princess Bride with my wife. T was her first time but I gotta say it still feels like mine too. I don’t know what it is about [...]

Snow in the Summer!

It’s easy to get jaded by the myriad of gray dessert options out there. If I had a quarter for every self-serve yogurt shop I’ve seen pop up in the last few years I’d probably have enough cash to open up my own self-serve yogurt shop. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I [...]

Old Man on the Porch

Living in Tallahassee ain’t so bad. In fact, its pretty good.

Get Behind Me Winter

Winter is leaving the building which reminds me of why I love Tallahassee.

What isn’t Normal

When the normal is odd what do we do about all the normal stuff.

Award Winning T.T. Faulkner

Trevor Faulkner just took First Place in the RPLA in the Fantasy Unpublished category.

America’s Favorite Time Pass

Why does anyone watch Baseball? Is it the tight pants, the long sticks or all the white balls being thrown around?

Blanket Generalization

A brief generalization about the nature of storytelling from north to south.