The Lost Memory: Prologue

As promised, here is a sample chapter from the second book in the memories trilogy, The Lost Memory.

Star Wars Babies to premier on Disney Channel in 2013…

Some worst case scenarios of the Disney/Lucas Films merger.

Release: The Last Memory

T.T. Faulkner’s first book, The Last Memory, is now available!

No Luck at RPLA

Contest was a no go. Stay tuned for some short stories.

Florida Writer’s Association Finalist

Two stories by Trevor Faulkner make it to the Florida Writer’s Association Finals.

5 Games Perfect for the Wii U (An Elder Geek Feature)

5 Games Perfect for the Wii U (An Elder Geek Feature). The Wii U has been announced and everyone has a different opinion, but what is fact is the potential it has with the right games.

Scientific Method in 3D

Just saw Forks Over Knives. It was way better than Veggitales.

Award Winning T.T. Faulkner

Trevor Faulkner just took First Place in the RPLA in the Fantasy Unpublished category.

If a Cypress Could Blog…

First Blog Post