The Lost Memory: Prologue

As promised, here is a sample chapter from the second book in the memories trilogy, The Lost Memory.

Some Artwork

First piece of book art.

Release: The Last Memory

T.T. Faulkner’s first book, The Last Memory, is now available!

Support Your Local Games

Let’s bring communities back to the couch.

Those Who Sail the River Styx

Short story: Those Who Sail the River Styx by T.T. Faulkner.

Rozalins Baby

T.T. Faulkners RPLA Finalist short story, Rozalins Baby

Florida Writer’s Association Finalist

Two stories by Trevor Faulkner make it to the Florida Writer’s Association Finals.

3DS NES Ambassador Quick Reviews

It’s a little late, but me and my pal Jesse wrote some quick comical reviews for Nintendo’s 3DS Ambassador NES titles.

They Might As Well Be Mad Libs

Why are all _________ (noun) exactly the same?!

5 Games Perfect for the Wii U (An Elder Geek Feature)

5 Games Perfect for the Wii U (An Elder Geek Feature). The Wii U has been announced and everyone has a different opinion, but what is fact is the potential it has with the right games.