Those Who Sail the River Styx

Those Who Sail the River Styx by T.T. Faulkner


Those Who Sail the River Styx

The drip, drip, dripping of some lost wetness echoed off the cavern walls as the small rowboat drifted through the still, underground river. A bone oar cut deeply into the crystal surface, propelling the sleek frame forward. The old man sighed heavily as he strained to navigate the vessel toward the lone island.

Mario Kart 7 Review

Mario Kart 7 Elder-Geek Review

With every new Nintendo system comes a new Mario Kart. It’s a statement that reflects one of life’s absolute truths; like that happiness eventually comes after the loss of a loved one or that everyone poops no matter how attractive they are. But unlike those two truths this one involves cartoon animals, princesses, and plumbers racing across fantastical tracks to catchy music.


Rozalins Baby

Rozalin's Baby by Trevor Faulkner

He opens his eyes in the dark room, pupils straining to make out the shadowy images. The soft jazz of falling rain plays against the walls of the shrouded bedroom. He props himself up on his elbows and casts a sideways glance at the alarm clock. The flickering green letters are blinking the number twelve repeatedly like a four-four metronome helping the rain stay in time. No light shines through the single shaded window. He grabs his cellular phone off the counter; the digital pad says it’s one-o-clock in the afternoon. He’s overslept, but it doesn’t matter to him. He has nowhere to be.


No Luck at RPLA

No luck this year at the Florida Writer’s Association’s annual conference. My short stories Rozalin’s Baby and Those Who Sail the River Styx didn’t win. However, once I got my scores in I noticed they still all got high praise and points.

This leads me to consider I might need to find an audience in my age bracket to read my stories. It seems a lot of the attendees have different priorities when it comes to taste. Not to say that the judges were wrong, but I think I might have stood a better chance with some younger eyes looking at my page. Thanks to everyone who sat and talked with me including Marisa Corvisiero for all her advice Alison Beightoll for just being generally cool and helpful.

Good news though, I will be throwing my two finalist short stories up here in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that.

Need Help Picking out a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Book?

SFSignal created this handy chart to help starving readers pick out a Sci-Fi or Fantasy book that truly fits their needs. I tested it and it actually led me strait to my favorite author, so I’m assuming they did some government sponsored research to devise this ingenious chart.

Click the thumbnail to take a look at the full image and find out what your next book will be.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Chart

Florida Writer’s Association Finalist

T.T.Faulkner Finalist Entries


Good news on the writing front. Both entries I submitted to this year’s Florida Writer’s Association RPLA Awards made it to the finals!

3DS NES Ambassador Quick Reviews

Not all of us were born during the time of 8-bit tunes and two-button controllers with razor-sharp edges that desperately needed a rubbery Wii condom to protect the fragile hands of children. There’s a chance that, because of your late birth, you see it as a blessing that a new generation will now be able to experience a collection of true classics for the low, low price of a gameless portable device. More importantly, we here at Elder Geek think it’s super imperative that every piece of creative property have a weighty review behind it. So, without further ado, here are some lightning fast reviews of your 3DS NES Ambassador downloads!


Everything you need to know about a Trevor

I thought some people would like to know more about that guy named Trevor. Well, here’s your chance! Click the thumbnail to initiate mind saturation.

Everything you need to know about Trevor

They Might As Well Be Mad Libs


The increasing cost of development has paved the way for some spectacular games. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, and Gears of War 2 were all far above the standard caliber and redefined their respective genras.

The problem? They were all also sequels.

Let’s face it, with a high production cost and great press comes a price. More and more we see more of the same. In a market with escalating stakes, the highest common denominator is, in fact, the most common. Even Indie developers who have been churning out class A titles like Super Meat Boy and Limbo are beginning to suffer from the [insert premise here] c0py cat philosophy. As more developers put down the notepad and pick up the rubric for success, the whole industry begins to go mad! Mad I tell you! Or maybe it’s all just going Mad Lib.


5 Games Perfect for the Wii U (An Elder Geek Feature)

With the recent announcement of Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, many of us have already formulated our own opinions. Some may be enamored to get their hands on Nintendo’s newest innovator, seeing the many new features such as augmented reality, dual screen connectivity and a touch screen as the pinnacle of video game immersion. Others might look at it as a streamlined version of the Gamecube + Gameboy Advance + Connector Cable gimmick that Nintendo tried in the early 2000s as well as a blatant excuse to make a million game titles starting with the letter “U” (which I think I’ve demonstrated pretty well). Whether you’re happy at the new possibilities or trying to scratch the casual out of your skull, we can at least admit that the thing has potential beyond giving us a great view of a golf ball.